4 Features To Look For In A WordPress Theme

4 Features To Look For In A WordPress Theme

When shopping for a new WordPress theme, you should look for certain features. These include responsiveness, ease of customization, Mobile-friendliness, and documentation. Using these features will help you find a theme that meets all of your needs. When shopping for a new theme, remember to use the search function on your browser and look for themes that have these features. If you want to find a great theme, you can get help from WordPress design agencies in Toronto.

Easy to customize:

It’s possible to find high-quality, easy-to-customize WordPress themes at a discount, or you can create your own. WordPress themes are an excellent way to customize your website. With just a few clicks, you can create a beautiful site for your business or blog. You can choose themes for your blog or business that are easy to install. These themes come with the demo content and required plugins, making them ideal for beginners.


There are a variety of premium and free mobile-friendly WordPress themes to choose from. The free WordPress default theme is responsive and mobile-friendly, but you may want to invest in a premium theme if you want to make the most of your website. The premium versions usually range from $45 to $100 for an annual license, which includes theme updates. These themes are ideal for complex websites and are more expensive than free themes. In addition, you will have more customization options than with the free themes.


A WordPress theme for documentation can make the work of creating a documentation site a lot simpler. One option is the weDocs theme. This lightweight theme is perfect for knowledge bases and FAQ sites. It is mobile-responsive and is built with a Twitter bootstrap framework.

Update date:

WordPress themes are designed to display the most recent date of each post. While this is fine for blogs and static websites, it may not be the best choice for sites that regularly update content. News websites, for example, regularly update stories that have already been published. If users didn’t know that the post was updated recently, they might not visit the site again. Regardless of the reasons, displaying the most recent date on a blog post can increase user engagement and retention.